I am an amateur blogger, with a strong emphasis on “amateur”. My wife and I are avid MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAtravelers, and enjoy savoring all the blessings our good Lord has given us…to include good food and great culture. This blog is a medium to share my/our passion for travel, food, and personal finance…not necessarily in that order.

I suppose blogging is a way to share my experiences and thoughts with others. However, equally important to me, blogging allows me the opportunity to memorialize travels and adventures I have undertaken with my wife…and reading them months or even years down the road, when memory might not be as sharp, would allow us to relive and think fondly of our escapades. Pictures tell a story…but pictures accompanied by words, now those are what epic stories are about.

You might ask, why Van-Guard? What is the significance of that name? Does it have something to do with Vanguard, the pioneer in low cost, well-diversified mutual fund investing? Is it related to the textbook definition of an advance military guard, like an Army Scout unit or a Reconnaissance outfit? Um, NO. It is, believe it or not, from a Japanese science fiction anime called Danguard Ace that my brother and our friends watched and enjoyed growing up…and Danguard eventually morphed into Van-Guard. Founded in 1978, Van-Guard is spread around the four corners of the earth and endures to this day as a loose collection of friends with no particular objective aside from enjoying each other’s company and have fun in the process.

So in a sense, this blog is my way of sharing our adventures with friends (even virtual friends). I hope you like it.


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